We’ve Found Your Summer Window Replacement Options

Whether it be a freak accident or an ill-timed baseball careening through the air, the act of replacing windows is something we’ve all experienced. The endeavor itself can prove to be expensive. Duly, it’s not always easy to find a quality, respectable, and affordable outfit being able to address any and all window needs. Fortunately, there are a number of online platforms ready to assist any customer with a broken window.

Before utilizing one of these companies, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, repairing the windows could cost less than purchasing a completely new one. Technology has crafted aluminum skin and other tools to aid the repairs. There are also a number of glazes, putty substances, and cords available. Secondly, a complete overhaul of every window might not be necessary. Remember, you’re not only purchasing glass windows. The entire transaction also includes payment to the contractor and his expected grew of workers.

With that said, here are three of the most respected window replacement companies within the United States:


The interface on HomeAdvisor’s website is quite nice for prospective customers. Quick and easy, the company is ready to answer any possible questions at a moment’s notice. Customers must first choose the type of window they’re looking for (Stained/specialty) as well as the expected task (install new window or replacing old one). By explaining the task to HomeAdvisor, the company will instantly link the customer with professionals via their ProFinder Technology.


Porch helps customers with virtually every home improvement task possible — including window replacement. Essentially, it functions as a search engine — spitting out every possible window replacement company with the simple inputting of one’s zip code. From here, every contractor in your specific area will be listed. Duly, the listed entities will have star rankings and reviews based upon prior customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). Porch saves the average customer plenty of time and trouble with its impressive filtering system.


Modernize is similar to the aforementioned duo in terms of responsibility. It’s also regarded as one of the most highly rated window replacement companies in the country. With a sterling reputation, it comes as no surprise to see Modernize’s site feature a number of exciting prospects. It features energy-efficient windows (including double-paned, triple-pane, and thermal pane windows). From the comfort one one’s home, Modernize allows for customers to get free quotes on up to four pre-screened contractors. There are also a plethora of different window frames, window brands, and window types.

Image Sources: Lowes.com