How to Get a Free Cell Phone

Cell phones have become immensely intricate over the last 15 years. Once considered a luxury, phones are now vital lifelines for both communication and information. However, the rapid development with technology has led to phones becoming highly expensive. Individuals will have to purchase both the phone as well as a data plan. There are options for ‘renting’ a phone — though costs continue to climb and climb with each year.

For those in desperate need of a phone, there are ways in which a phone can be accrued without having to pay a cent. This piece will break down multiple strategies for eventually grabbing a free phone of your own.

Government Help

The Government is here to help those who’re struggling to purchase a phone. Each specific state has their own guidelines for someone wanting to procure a phone. By doing the research, individuals will then see how each state will operate. There are eligibility requirements for each specific state as well (which largely stem from income levels). An enrollment process online will then follow. This enables any potential documentation needed to be uploaded with ease. The process collectively is both quick and rather straight forward.

Getting a Free Phone Through Your Employer

There’s a chance you could get a phone through your employer. Of course, it will depend upon the job — and whether the job’s responsibilities will be in line with needing a phone. However, it can’t hurt to ask either your boss, or someone within the HR department. The place of employment may gladly offer a free phone if it means earning more business/profit from your end. It also may be worth noting to a higher-up that employee cell phones are no longer taxable by the IRS. This could be a nice bargaining chip in trying to convince the employer to offer a free phone.

Miscellaneous Ideas

There are also other options may want to consider. If a friend or family member is upgrading with a new phone, it can’t hurt to ask whether you can have their old device. If they like you well enough, it could pay off with a old yet new phone! Secondly, there are a number of online raffles, contest, sweepstakes, and other competitions which will offer free phones. Many times, these can be seen when signing up with online newsletters. A simple Google search will lead interested parties towards competitions centering around free phones.

There are ways in which you can get a free phone. It’ll take the right amount of research to eventually acquire the mobile device.┬áBy being a bit creative, this goal can be achieved.