The Benefits Of Walk-in Tubs

Imagine the relaxation of a high-end bathtub, without the worry of hurting oneself in the process. And if that alone doesn’t already sound great enough, now imagine if this life-changing appliance was completely free. With Medicaid, a walk-in tub could be the perfect solution.

The newfound popularity in home design has led to a plethora of developments in the construction of showers and bathing areas, but it hasn’t necessarily made them any more practical.

However, Medicaid supports payment for “specialized medical equipment,” which is fancy terminology for items such as the walk-in tub.

For those dealing with health issues, mobility challenges, or disabilities, bathing oneself may pose some challenges. Everyday aches and pains could lead to an unfortunate accident when entering and leaving a slippery shower space. A high rate of bathroom-related injuries have occurred in or around the shower/tub area.

As a means to prevent against these sorts of hazards, one may want to look into purchasing a Walk-in Tub. There are many benefits to acquiring this hygiene system.

For one, any individual will be able to sit down in this elevated tub. The risk of slipping and falling will be effectively eradicated. The tubs offer tremendous advances from a therapeutic standpoint.

High-pressure jets act as massage agents. Not only will this help with circulation, but it can even have benefits to prevent body stiffness. There are varying levels of pressure — meaning one can opt for a more intense level of jet use (a la a jacuzzi), or a more leisurely bath experience in the mold of a true bath.

A Walk-In Tub/Shower combination is also made available. It essentially offers the same experience as taking a shower — though the individual will be seated in a comfortable, secure setting. The control panel is easy to use, and the system includes both a shower wand and a personal bidet.

The practicality of the Walk-In Tub truly is a responsible choice when attempting to prevent any sort of potential accident. Each system can be specifically tailored to fit any person’s individual needs.

Above all else, the Walk-In Tub provides a safe, secure, and comfortable bathing experience for any person.

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