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When the summer months roll around, the sun can be downright brutal. There’s nothing worse than overbearing heat beaming down from the sky. There are plenty of methods to combat the expected warm weather. One of those options includes sunglasses. Aside from functioning as a practical tool to obscure sun from getting in your eyes, sunglasses have strongly developed into a fashionable entity. In some cases, individuals care more about the sunglasses they wear when compared to what their hair looks like.

With the busy nature of everyday culture, there’s little time to traverse to a sunglasses store in order to make a purchase. Fortunately, this endeavor can be executed beautifully online. There are a multitude of exciting online sunglasses-centric stores. The collection of purchasable frames — coupled with the wide range of styles — makes this process seamless. There are four manufacturers in particular which are leaders within the field: Warby Parker, Sunglass Hut,  Frames Direct, and Sunglasses Wearhouse.

Warby Parker

The New York based online retailer has long been a giant within the industry. Warby Parker has a vast inventory with frames of all sizes, shapes, configurations, and colors. Within the catalog, there are even “staff picks” — which further educate the customer on sunglasses the company specifically enjoys. This can be helpful for someone unsure about which type of frame to select.

Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut is one of the most popular companies when it comes to purchasing sunglasses. This website features categories for men, women, and even children. It features a drop down menu with every major designer offered. In addition, one can customize their own pair of sunglasses to truly fit their individual needs.

Frames Direct

Frames Direct is an online warehouse solely dedicated to providing prospective customers with the best in premium eye wear. Frames Direct compiles sunglasses from every major brand — including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, and Versace (among others). The site further breaks down the available options categorically. A tab for ‘best selling sunglasses’ is available. Others include prescription sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, and other types of sunglasses arranged by style.

Sunglasses Warehouse

Sunglasses Warehouse offers customers a plethora of enticing discounts. First-time buyers receive 20-percent off their first order. By subscribing to the site, customers also get the benefit of receiving emails with various promotions. Duly, there’s even a facet which includes getting 15-percent off an order — plus free shipping — with the simple insertion of a code upon checking out. For those on a budget, Sunglasses Warehouse is a perfect place. There are literally hundreds of dfferent types of sunglasses for less than $20.

As you can see, there are many capable online stores offering a considerable amount of fashionable and affordable sunglasses. Customers will feel good in knowing that the vast collection of frames and styles will account for nearly every type of personal preference.

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Image Source: RedBubble