Ways to Effectively Deal With Hyperhidrosis

There are roughly 8 million people across the United States that suffer from uncomfortable hand sweating. The excessive hand sweat condition is more commonly known as hyperhidrosis. Normally, people can encounter hand sweat when in warm conditions — or in situations where stressors might result in an increased pulse/heartbeat.

However, people dealing with hyperhidrosis can experience these symptoms at any point. This can even occur with cold weather, or the absence of any real heartbeat change. This hindrance can be a rather annoying thing to deal with, particularly when the sweats happen during inopportune times (such as on a date).

This piece will look at a few measures one can take in order to prevent the accumulation of sweat on one’s hands.


Interestingly enough, many people opt to have surgery as a means to get rid of hyperhidrosis. Of course, ‘going under the knife’ is something that scares a number of people. However, the surgery for hyperhidrosis is relatively quick and easy compared to other types of procedures.

The surgery itself is minimally invasive. The patient will be under normal anesthesia for the procedure (which isn’t overly long). Doctors will use an endoscope — along with a harmonic blade — to remove a section of the overactive nerve (which creates the excess sweat). The painless procedure is efficient to the degree that patients will be able to return home on the same day as the operation.

Many like this method of dealing with hyperhidrosis. Symptoms will be forever gone once this procedure is finished. Additionally, recovery time is minimal — as is the post-operational pain.

Topical Creams

Many will use antiperspirant deodorant to combat underarm sweat. This measure won’t exactly work with hyperhidrosis. Doctors will have to prescribe a much stronger agent to combat the sweat (especially products with aluminum salt). Even then, the symptoms will temporarily be warded away.

There are a number of over-the-counter lotions available in stores and online which are said to help with hyperhidrosis. One in particular is Carpe Antiperspirant hand lotion. The company Sweat Block sells a package of antiperspirant wipes to help with the same symptoms. Cool-Jams Performance Sleep Products are aimed at slowing the sweating process during the evening when in bed.

Other Alternatives

Botox treatments have been used as a means to combat hyperhidrosis. The injections normally will be given to the patient’s palms. Botox treatments must occur a few times a year in order for their effects to fully take place.

Certain types of foods will stoke the proverbial hyperhidrosis fires even further. This includes spicy foods — though it can also include some teas and even coffee. It would make sense to minimally partake in these foods.

There are some oral medications aimed at obstructing the chemicals which work with nerves to produce sweat. A type of therapy called microwave thermolysis effectively kills sweat glands with multiple sessions in a calendar year.

Image Source: realself