Thinking About Joining The (Shave) Club? We’ve Got You Covered

Who doesn’t love a good shave? For virtually every adult and adolescent, shaving is an aspect of life. The process can be annoying at times — particularly for those crunched for time. Duly, having a quality razor is imperative. No one likes razor burns, rashes, or bumps. Not only can these be painful, but they also could be embarrassing based upon where they’re located. In total, the perfect scenario would involve purchasing quality shave equipment at an affordable price with little to no time spent actually going out and grabbing the required materials. Lucky for us, there are a plethora of online shops solely dedicated to shaving products. Some of them are shaving clubs with monthly drop-offs — whereas others are one-time no-strings-attached entities.

Here are a few online options for your shaving needs:

Shave Mob

Shave Mob enables both men and women to purchase razors at affordable prices. Per the website, there are no membership obligations — nor are there any recurring fees. The process is rather simple, and is easily detailed at the bottom of the intro page for all customers to enjoy. Once the customer selects their specific razor, the next task involves selecting the amount desired. Once the supply has run out, customers can re-up with the simple click of a button. Alterations to preexisting orders for the future can take place seamlessly. According to Shave Mob, customers save 70-percent when compared to other premium razors on the market.

Angel Shave Club

Angel Shave Club is geared towards women. For first-time customers, the company offers a free trial (shipping fees not included) which lasts approximately two weeks. It includes one club handle and five blades. From there, a subscription includes either a six pack of five blades, or an eight pack of five blades. Shipping becomes free when signed up for a subscription. There’s no lengthy obligation — as customers can cancel, pause, or alter their preexisting agreement at any time. Once the customer chooses their desired blades, they’re able to craft their own shipping schedule as to how often they’ll receive razors. Again, these plans can be altered accordingly at any time.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club offers many products associated with personal beautification and hygiene. The daily essentials starting kit — featuring a razor handle, four razor cartridges, shave butter, body cleanser, and wipes — costs a paltry $5. When signing up for the club, a fully restocked box will arrive a month late with larger quantities of all items mentioned above. Like Angel Shave Club, Dollar Shave Club offers the customer full flexibility in terms of adjusting delivery schedules as well as being able to personalize one’s monthly package. Restock boxes also ship free every three months.

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