How to Treat Eczema Through Home and Medicinal Remedies

There are millions across the world who’ve dealt with eczema. This minor medical issue causes skin to become inflamed, itchy, scaly, and potentially blistered. While not overly dangerous, eczema can be highly irritating — particularly for someone with an active lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments made available as a means to combat the rashes. Some of them are more medical in nature, whilst other methods involve home remedies.

Over The Counter Medication

One option includes purchasing over the counter medication. These can be found at any CVS or Walgreens Pharmacy. Many times, these topical aids will come in the form of a lotion. A key in ridding eczema includes moisturizing. In particular, a product such as CeraVe Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream will work to sooth eczema. No prescription is needed when wanting to nab this maximum strength implement. Hydrocortisone steroids in particular are known to be a very useful tool when combating itchiness.


Many have found bathing to work as a counteract to the eczema symptoms. The dry skin needs to be constantly moisturized. As such, a thorough soak in a bath should do the trick. One needs to immediate moisturize upon leaving the tub. There are ingredients one can add to the water as a means to expedite the moisturizing process. Some of these items include vinegar, oatmeal, salt, and baking soda. In some countries, they use fish pedicures to treat people with eczema as well as psoriasis!

Prescription Medicine

For more severe cases of eczema, people often head to their local doctor. Dermatologists in particular can offer prescriptions with more potent doses of medicine when compared to over the counter options. A common method includes applying a specialized cream to the areas of redness or itchiness. More often than not, these creams will feature high-level steroids.

Alternative Methods

There are those who aren’t fans of prescribed medications. In these instances, some individuals look for more natural methods. Most creams/topical ointments feature steroids. However, there are also plant-based topicals without the presence of steroids. Coconut oil is a popular choice (among other oils). The soothing nature of these alternatives have been proven to work in some cases. Stress can be associated with the recurrence of eczema. As such, meditation has also been used.

Without question, there are a number of ways in which eczema can be treated. It truly comes down to the person in question — as there are different methods for each individual and their specific case.

Image Source: Health Magazine