3 Ways to Help Manage Migraine Pain

Millions of people all across the globe suffer from migraines. There are moments where the pounding in one’s head is nearly unbearable to deal with. In many instances, the pain from a migraine can be debilitating to everyday life — whether it means not being able to travel to work, or even missing out on fun social activities. Fortunately, there are measures available to help ward off the symptoms of a migraine. These techniques should be able to aid in treating gradual and persistent appearances of migraines.


If migraines become a rather common thing, medical professionals traditionally suggest making an appointment in order to diagnose the severity of the problem. Blood tests can be given to ascertain whether the migraines may be hereditary. These tests also are able to determine whether an infection may be present. A neurological exam likely will follow to check further brain functioning.

From there, a plethora of medications may be offered to the patient. Some are to be taken as a means to prevent further migraines. Others have the goal of stomping out a current migraine. As someone with migraines, there are cheaper, over-the-counter efforts to provide temporary relief. Some medications worth looking into include Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen.

Doctors also may prescribe ergots and/or triptans. Ergots are taken with caffeine combination drugs to work as a preventative solution. Most often, ergots are used as soon as symptoms pop up. Triptans are prescribed medications (normally offered as pills). Some even believe that taking daily doses of riboflavin (B-2) could help with migraines.


Doctors and health professionals also will offer suggestions in regards to everyday life. These choices could help preventing a migraine from being a horrendous experience. It’s imperative for an individual beset by migraines to get a full night’s rest. A lack of sleep could force a chain reaction (where stress — and then a migraine could arise). When a migraine becomes immensely difficult to deal with, there are those who recommend sitting in a tranquil, dimly-lit room. An ice pack wrapped in some sort of cloth often works as a temporary relieve. One can simply place the ice pack on the inflamed area.


While there isn’t large amounts of quantifiable data from these options, many swear by full body massage and acupuncture. Massage therapy is essentially a tool to help one rid themselves of stress (which could expedite a migraine). Acupuncture is thought to work as a similar method of eradicating both stress and the potential migraine.

While migraines can be very painful, there are a number of preventative measures made available to anyone dealing with them. It’ll be up to the individual to find the perfect plan for prevention and relief.

Image source: Shutterstock