When Donating a Car becomes Both Practical and Satisfying

When it comes time to discard an old automobile, the process can be a bit confusing. Some opt to sell their old cars. However, this process may not always be optimal if the vehicle has some serious wear and tear on it. There’s also the prospect of simply ‘leaving’ the car somewhere — though littering is never a good thing. Instead, why not donate the car to charity? Used vehicles serve a tremendous purpose to those in desperate need of personal transportation. Multiple companies have been created in order to facilitate the donations of used cars/vehicles.

For those thinking about donating an old vehicle, there are several online platforms dedicated to expediting the process. These three in particular act as wonderful options for car donations: Online Car Donation, Vehicles For Veterans, and Car Donation Wizard.

Online Car Donation

Online Car Donation is a website rooted in the donation of all vehicles. Aside from the benevolence and good will one will build up by donating a car, each customer is entitled to some nice perks. Online Car Donation allows those making donations to be rewarded with both tax deductions as well as a free vacation (which could include either a cruise or a hotel). The car donation form is said to take about two minutes to complete. If the vehicle donated has a value of over $500, customers will receive deluxe hotel accommodations from a list of exciting locations (including Orlando, Las Vegas, and Honolulu). Duly, customers may also choose a three-day/two-night Bahamas Cruise and Island vacation. This vacation offer is good for a party of two. Above all else, customers are able to donate cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, and even RVs/campers.

Vehicles For Veterans

As the title suggests, this website is aimed towards the donation of vehicles for disabled veterans. According to the website, there are 19.6 million veterans within the United States. A good portion of those honorable individuals are in need of transportation. Customers are able to donate cars, boats, RVs, and also motorcycles. The picking up of the vehicle is absolutely free. Customers are also entitled to an IRS tax receipt. The website is functionally great — as customers can fill out a simple form online just as easily as they can arrange an appointment over the phone.

Car Donation Wizard

Similar to the other two companies, Car Donation Wizard works towards providing disadvantaged individuals with workable automobiles. Working alongside fellow charities and corporations, Car Donation Wizard allows customers to individually pick their preferred charity for the car donation. Some of these charities include Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, American Cancer Society, Feed the Children, and ALS Association. After choosing a charity, customers are asked to fill out a donation form (though calling in is also an option). From there, expert customer service members will orchestrate a pick-up time in addition to a tax deduction form. Motorhomes, trailers, cars, trucks, off-roading cars, boats, and RVs are all acceptable for possible donations.

Image Sources: SCHS