Looking For A Car With Tremendous Gas-Mileage? Check Out The 2019 Kia Forte

There are a multitude of cars currently on the market. Based upon the prospective buyer’s needs, one may be in search of a larger vehicle. Duly, smaller ones may better fit the overarching goal of the consumer. It truly all depends upon the situation of the said customer. With the age of commuting at an all-time high, there are those looking for gas-mileage friendly vehicles. Look no further — as the 2018 Kia Forte offers plenty in the way of fuel economy (and overall value).

As listed on kia.com, the 2019 Kia Forte has four configurations: LX Manual ($16,800), LX Automatic ($17,900), S ($19,400), and EX ($21,700). Standard models come equipped with a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder engine (147 HP). Additional engines offer 164 HP — as well as a 1.6-Liter four-cylinder with 201 HP. A six-speed manual transmission comes with the standard model, though automatic transmission is also available.

There’s great fuel economy with the 2018 Kia Forte — as approximations equal 29 miles-per-gallon in city driving, and 37 miles-per-gallon on the highway. This is perfect for daily commuters — or those frequently having a penchant for road trips. From a color standpoint, customers have six options to choose from: Silky Silver, Snow White Pearl, Deep Sea Blue, Currant Red, Aurora Black Pearl, and Phantom Gray.

Many love the quiet nature of the interior cabin. Kia truly did a fantastic job of cutting out extraneous noise. Additionally, the ride is made even more smooth by the roomy nature of both the front row and the back row. Five people can efficiently fit into the vehicle without any issue.

Standard aspects of the vehicle includes Bluetooth capabilities, satellite radio, a 4-speaker stereo, and one USB port. The infotainment screen is renowned for its functionality and easy-to-use process.

From a cargo standpoint, the 2018 Kia Forte has impressive metrics in comparison to peers in its class. Normal space includes 14.9 cubic feet of trunk room. The hatchback version has 23.2 cubic feet of space with 56.4 cubic feet when the rear seat is folded down. This is perfect for lugging equipment home from the hardware store — or even for a couple storing items for a spontaneous getaway.

There are a multitude of measures the 2019 Kia Forte has taken to ensure safe transportation. For one, possible features as enhancement to the interior cabin include rear-cross traffic alert, blind-spot detection, lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, a rear-view camera, and lane-keep assist (among other things).

The IIHS offered “GOOD” marks on all five of its major safety ratings. Duly, the NHTSA gave a 5-star mark for Overall Rating. This also included a 5-star mark for side crash, and 4-star ratings for frontal crash and rollover.

Without question, the 2018 Kia Forte is a terrific compact car. Aside from all of its intriguing perks, it offers much in the way of both value and functionality. Its dependable nature is buoyed even further by the reputation of Kia.

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Image Source: Bloomberg/Getty Images, Kia.com, IIHS